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"FEWltide Greetings & Seasons Beatings" 
12/19/10 Results

  Broadripple  Fort Wayne, IN

1) Wreckingball vs.  Austin Mannix - No Contest when Benjamin Boone came out and jumped both men.

Idol Heinze and Mena Libra come out.  Idol reminds the fans of the  $25,000 bounty for anyone that can take out Just Justin.  Idol says that Mena Libra would do it herself but there is rules in F.E.W. that prohibits men wrestling women.  Idol says that Mena Libra will take on any woman.  Out comes "La Atormentada", a masked Luchadore from Mexico.

2) "La Atormentada" beat Mena Libra

After the match, "La Atormentada" unmasked and it was Just Justin!

Vinnie From Jersey comes out and says The Mangler will not be facing TImothy Made tonight because he has sold his contract to VIP.  

3) Timothy "American" Made beat Adam Bueller

After the match, The Mangler and El Sastre come out and beat down Made.

Made was accompanied by Max Crow who is the security guard he is training for his professional wrestling debut in January.

Idol Heinze comes back out with Benjamin Boone.  He tells Boone he was impressed with his dominating attack earlier in the show.  He says if Boone can win his match tonight he will give him $500 plus give him a shot at the $25k bounty on Just Justin.

4) Benjamin Boone beat Mike "The Moose" Musso

5) Osyris, Bryan Castle, & Parker James beat Lucky 13 and The SI w/ Vinny from Jersey

Commissioner Corey Sheen announces that Keith Creme was injured in a match at another promotion on Saturday night.  He says that FEW had promised a 30 minute Ironman Match and they would get one.  He has found a replacement in Tommy Treznik.

6) Dylan Bostic beat Tommy Treznik in a 30 minute Ironman Match.

The final score was 5-4 falls.  Dylan has won a shot at the FEW Title in January.

Due to the results of a poll on www.fwfew.com, Commissioner Corey Sheen granted Jack Verville a rematch against FEW Champion Jack  Commissioner Sheen stated that this will be Verville's last chance at the title as long as Omen is the champion.

7) FEW Champion Jake Omen beat Jack Verville to retain the title 



"FEWled Aggression!" 11/18/10 Results

  American Legion Post 82  Fort Wayne, IN

Idol Heinze w/ Mena Libra come out at the start of the show.  Idol says that two months ago Just Justin injured him in the FEW Title tourney and has ruined his life.  Idol says that he will get his revenge by placing a $25,000 bounty for anyone that can take out Just Justin.  Idol then calls out "The Mad Scientist" Tommy Treznik. 

1) Just Justin beat Tommy Treznik

Mena Libre attacked Just Justin after the match.  Commissioner Corey Sheen tells her if she wants to get physically involved, he will give her a match next month!  Mena gladly accepts.

2) The Mangler w/ Vinnie from Jersey beat Tyson Judge

3) Lucky 13 (Mr. Main Event & McNasty) beat Osyris & El Sastre by DQ

El Sastre did nothing during the match and then got in the ring and hit Mr. Main Event with brass knuckles right in front of the ref to get DQ'ed.

4) Adam Bueller beat The SI, Ryan Epic, Mike Musso, Gameboy in a 5 Way

5) Mr. Old School beat Jay Cortez

Next VIP comes out insults the crowd and introduces his new bodyguard the Mangler and calls out Timothy Made. Mitchell taylor comes out dressed like Made. Commissioner Corey Sheen interrupts with the real Timothy Made (who had been tied up in a closet).

Sheen tells VIP to get in the ring immediately and tells Mitchell Taylor if he touches anyone he will be suspended. Sheen turns to leave and Made shoves Taylor into Sheen. Sheen suspends Taylor on the spot.
The bell rings and VIP tries to avoid Made. Mangler tries to interfere and a security guard intervenes. Mangler and security fight into the back and the referee follows trying to break them up. El Sastre runs out hits made with a fireball a bulldog and a leg drop, tells VIP to make the pin and retrieves the referee. VIP gets the pinfall and Mangler and security come back out with Sheen in tow.

Sheen tells security that he is there for crowd control and cannot confront the wrestlers. as a matter of fact he is fired as security and from now on will wrestle. Security says he is not a wrestler and can't do that. Made volunteers to train him. Sheen agrees and gives him his first match in January. At this point, Taylor emerges from the locker room with his suitcase and hears of the security arrangement. Taylor takes the opportunity to hit the security guard with a beer bottle and spits on him as he tells him "welcome to professional wrestling" on his way out the door to begin serving his suspension.

6) Victor Ignatius Prescott (VIP) beat Timothy Made

7) Bryan Castle beat Benjamin Boone

8) Dylan Bostic vs. Keith Creme - Time Limit Draw

For the second time in a row, Bostic and Creme battled to a time limit draw.  Commissioner Corey Sheen announced that next month they would meet again in a 30 Minute Ironman Match!

9) FEW Champion Jake Omen beat Jack Verville to retain the title 


"Light The FEWse!" 10/17/10 Results

 American Legion Post 82  Fort Wayne, IN

Commissioner Corey Sheen opens the show talking about his goals for FEW.  Dylan Bostic interrupts and says he wants his title shot that he never got last month.  Then Jack Verville comes out and says he wants one too.  This lead to Mitchell Taylor coming out staking his claim for the title shot as well.  Commissioner Sheen says what he will do is give everyone an opportunity by having a battle royal and it would begin right now and tells the rest of the wrestlers to come out.

1) Jack Verville won the #1 contender battle royal

2) Troy Miller beat Ryan Epic

3) Mike "The Moose" Musso beat The Mangler w/ Vinnie From Jersey

4) Lucky 13 (Mr. Main Event & McNasty) beat Rodriguez & Pearson

5) Jack Verville beat Adam Bueller

6) Keith Creme vs. Dylan Bostic - Time Limit Draw

7) The SI beat Scotty Young

8) FEW Champion Jake Omen beat Justin Justin to retain the title

9) "Terrific" Timothy Made beat Mitchell Taylor w/ VIP in a street fight.

VIP will now have to face Made for 5 minutes on Nov. 28th.


"FEWl's Gold" 9/26/10 Results
American Legion Post 82  Fort Wayne, IN

Corey Sheen is introduced as the new FEW Commissioner.  Sheen promisins to bring the fans the best talent and matches possible.

1) Adam Bueller beat Parker James

2) Just Justin beat Idol Heinze in a 2nd round tournament match

3) Dylan Bostic beat Mitchell Taylor by DW in a 2nd round tournament match.

Taylor hit Bostic with his rings and pinned him, but Timothy Made came and told the referee what happened.  The referee then reversed the decision.  After the match, Taylor attacks Bostic and injures his leg with a chair.

4) Scotty Young beat Tony X

5) Lucky 13 (Mr. Main Event & McNasty) beat Bryan Castle and Mike Musso

Made challenges Taylor to a street fight at "Light the FEWse" with the stip that if Made wins he gets 5 min. alone with VIP.

6) Osyris beat The SI

Dylan Bostic vs. Just Justin - FEW Title Tournament Final

Dylan Bostic is injured from an after the bell attack from Taylor and can't compete, thus Just Justin is awarded the championship.  Jake Omen comes out and complains how he wasn't in the tournament and challenges Justin to a match later in the show.  Justin accepts.

7) Jack Verville beat Keith Creme

8) Jake Omen beat Just Justin (c) to win the FEW Heavyweight Championship

"A Bright FEWture" 8/15/10 Results

 Hollywood MMA Gym  Fort Wayne, IN

1) Andy Santos beat Matthew Columbine

2) Adam Bueller beat The SI

3) Hurricane and Bryan Castle beat Lucky 13 (Mr. Main Event & McNasty) and Last Kings Of Scotland (Josh Stark & Kyle Cassidy) in a tag team three way dance

4) Mitchell Taylor beat Timothy Made via Dq in 1st round tournament match

Taylor hit the canvas with a chair and threw it to Made's manager VIP causing the disqualification.  VIP then turned on Made and he and Taylor threw Made through a table.

5) Mike "The Moose" Musso beat Bam Morgan

6) Idol Heinze beat Tyson Judge in a 1st round tournament match

7) Just Justin Beat Ben Boone in a 1st round tournament match

8) Dylan Bostic beat Jack Verville in a 1st round tournament match

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