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"Out With The Old... In With The FEW"
12/3/11 Results

  The FIGHT House 
2250 Pennsylvania  Fort Wayne, IN

Pre show:  Wicked Natas beat Max Morrison

1) Gage Clayton (formerly Donnie Swenson) beat Necrom

2) Mitchell Taylor beat Frankie The Face

3) Bam Hanson beat Steven Drochner

4) FEW Tag Team Championship: The Villianaires (Mr. Main Event & The Mangler) (c) w/ VIP beat beat Ryan Epic & Tony X

5) Dusty Dillinger beat Remi Wilkins

6) Bobby Steele beat Louis Lyndon

7) Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin beat Badd Blood Barron

8) F.E.W. Championship: Jack Verville (c) beat Jake Omen


"Back To The FEWture"
10/9/11 Results

  Hollywood MMA  Fort Wayne, IN

1) Ryan Epic beat Adam Buller and Jun Hado in a 3 way

Mitchell Taylor told the Villianaires that he owed them an explanation regarding his behavior towards Donnie Swenson. Taylor revealed that Donnie is in fact his brother. After giving Donnie one more chance to leave the FEW for good, Taylor ordered the Villianaires to injury Donnie. Jack Verville and his lumberjacks ran out and cleared the ring of the Villianaires.

2) Benjamin Boone beat Frankie The Face

3) Max Morrison beat Louis Lyndon 

4) Justin Dillinger beat Remi Wilkins

5)  Steele w/ Vinnie From Jersey beat Badd Blood Barron 

6) The Villianaires (Mr. Main Event & The Mangler) w/ VIP beat beat The Painkillers (Jacob & Donatello Hallows) by count out to become the 1st ever FEW Tag Team Champions.

The Painkillers dominated the tag match until Mitchell Taylor made a phone call to the Arkham Asylum and two employees ran in, sedated The Painkillers and removed them from the facility resulting an a count out.

7) Chris Cruise beat Bam Hanson in a street fight

8) F.E.W. Championship: Jack Verville beat Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin (c) in a lumberjack match to win the title

After both Shalwin and Verville spilled to the floor, the ring quickly filled with all of the lumberjacks. Verville's lumberjacks quickly dispatched Shalwin's with the exception of Mitchell Taylor who was cornered. Shalwin's lumberjacks began to pummel Taylor as Donnie Swenson attempted to get them to stop. Swenson then apparently snapped and began to fight with his own teammates, thus saving Mitchell Taylor.


"The Fast And The FEWrious"
9/11/11 Results

  Hollywood MMA  Fort Wayne, IN

1) Justin Dillinger beat Wicked Natas in a pre show match

2) Adam Bueller beat Idol Heinze & Gary Jay in a 3 way

3) Donnie Swenson beat Mitchell Taylor by count out

Due to a pre-match stipulation ordered by Commissioner Corey Sheen, Swenson earned a title shot by beating Jimmy Shalwin's fellow Villianaire for later in the evening.

4) Badd Blood Barron beat Steele w/ Vinnie From Jersey

5) The Villianaires (Mr. Main Event & The Mangler) w/ VIP beat beat Matt Fitchett & Davey Vega

HOT 107.9 Radio's Chris Cruise was the guest ring announcer for the evening.  He was interviewed by FEW's newest correspondent Mild Mannered Matt before intermission.  They were interrupted by Bam Hanson.  Bam said that he was on the first FEW show a year ago but hasn't been brought back since.  He took his frustration out on Cruise including a nasty slap across the face.  Cruise was irate leading to Frankie the Face and security having to hold each man back.  Cruise wanted to fight Bam right then, but Commissioner Sheen said if Cruise were to sign a waiver, he would sanction a match between Bam Hanson and Chris Cruise on October 9th.  Cruise agreed.

6) Jack Verville beat Roderick Street

7) Painkillers (Jacob & Donatello Hallows) beat Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelastico)

8) F.E.W. Championship: Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin (c) beat Donnie Swenson. 

The Villianaires attacked Swenson after the match which lead to Jack Verville, Max Cro, Adam Bueller, and Timothy Made making the save.  Commissioner Sheen announced that next month Verville would get another title shot at Shalwin in a lumberjack match!

9) Christian Able beat Keith Creme






"A FEW Good Men"
6/26/11 Results

  Broadripple  Fort Wayne, IN

1) Steele beat "Polish Heartthrob" Jaron Shalka

2) Vixen's Title:  Camron Star beat Trash Cassidy to become the first champion

3) Mr. Old School beat Mr. Main Event

4) The Villianaires (Mitchell Taylor & The Mangler) w/ VIP beat Blue Collar Union (Donnie Swenson & "Gamer" Max Morrison) w/ Max Cro

Commissioner Corey Sheen said that Max Cro wasn't medically cleared and would be banned from ringside until he then. 

5) Painkillers (Jacob & Donatello Hallows) beat Bad Karma Inc.

6) Keith Creme beat Mad Dragon

Jake Omen came out and says he will leave FEW if he doesn't defeat Justin Dillinger tonight.

7) Justin Dillinger (formerly Just Justin) beat Jake Omen

8) F.E.W. Championship: Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin (c) beat Jack Verville 


5/22/11 Results

  Broadripple  Fort Wayne, IN

1) Parker James beat The SI

2) Ryan Epic beat Bobby Black

3) Vixen's Match:  Camron Star vs. Trash Cassidy - No Contest

4) Osyris beat Remy Wilkins 

5) Painkillers (Jacob & Donatello Hallows) beat Mr. Nifty & Mad Dragon

6) The Villianaires (Mitchell Taylor, Mr. Main Event, & The Mangler) w/ VIP beat Blue Collar Union (Mr Old School, Mike Musso, & Donnie Swenson).

Swenson replaced Timothy Made, who was brutally attacked earlier in the show by Mitchell Taylor.

7) Jack Verville beat Keith Creme and Jake Omen in a 3 way to become the #1 Contender

8) F.E.W. Championship: Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin beat Dylan Bostic (c) to win the title.

The Villianaires came out and attacked Bostic to help Shalwin get the win.  Mitchell Taylor announces that Shalwin is the newest member of the group.  Jack Verville comes out to help Bostic but is outnumbered.  Commissioner Corey Sheen comes out and threatens suspension if they don't stop the attack.  Sheen announces that Verville will get his title shot at "A FEW Good Men" on June 26th.

9)  Just Justin beat Idol Heinze in a Last Man Standing Match to end Heinze's Bounty and earn the $25,000 himself.

After the match, Jake Omen comes out and congratulates Justin for his victory.  But Omen reminds Justin that he never has been able to defeat him.  Omen challenges Justin to a match next month. 


4/17/11 Results

  Broadripple  Fort Wayne, IN

1) Adam Bueller & Ryan Epic won a battle royal to determine the final tag team for the Tag Team Title tournament.

2) Painkillers (Jacob & Donatello Hallows) beat Adam Bueller & Ryan Epic in the tag team title tournament

3) Donnie Swenson beat Mr. Old School

4) Jack Verville beat The SI

Idol Heize comes out to face Just Justin, but Commissioner Corey Sheen announces that Heinze's doctor has not cleared him to wrestle.  Out comes his replacement... Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin

5) Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin beat Just Justin 

Idol Heinze says that Shalwin will not get the $25,000 Bounty unless he takes out Justin for good, not just beat him.  Shalwin attacks Justin with a chair, but then FEW Champion Dylan Bostic makes the save.

6) Frankie The Face beat Bobby Black 

The Villianaires (Mitchell Taylor & The Mangler) w/ VIP comes out and says that Commissioner Sheen hasn't read the contract closely yet again.. they added Mr. Main Event to make it a 3 on 2 match.

7) The Villianaires (Mitchell Taylor & The Mangler) & Mr. Main Event beat Timothy Made & Mike Musso 

After the match, Mr. Old School turns on the Villianaires and comes to the aid of Made.  Made says that he has formed a group of his own to rid the FEW of the Villianaires.  The group is called the "Blue Collar Union".  It consists of Made, Max Cro, Mr. Old School, and Mike Musso.

8) Jake Omen beat Louis Lyndon 

9) F.E.W. Championship: Dylan Bostic beat Keith Creme

After the match, Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin comes out and chokeslams Bostic.  He tells Bostic he will see him next month and to believe the hype when he wins the FEW Championship.


"Dazed & ConFEWsed"
3/27/11 Results

  Broadripple  Fort Wayne, IN

1) The Mangler beat Tripp Cassidy & Jonathan Crane in a 3 way

2) Mike "The Moose" Musso beat Adam Bueller

3) Jack Verville beat Bobby Black

4) Painkillers (Jacob & Donatello Hallows) beat Louis Lyndon & Mr. Nifty

5) Timothy Made & Max Cro beat Mr. Old School & Mitchell Taylor and Jimmy Shalwin & Jock Samson in a 3 way to qualify for the FEW Tag Team Title Tournament 

6) Just Justin beat Chris "The Madness" Hall in Idol Heinze's $25,000 bounty

After the match, Heinze went nuts and challenged Justin to a match for next month.  Idol says he will get have to get the job done himself and take out Justin!

7) Keith Creme beat "Poison" Appollo Starr 

8) F.E.W. Championship: Dylan Bostic beat Champion Jake Omen by to win the title in a No DQ match


2/27/11 Results

  Broadripple  Fort Wayne, IN

1) Just Justin beat The SI w/ Vinnie From Jersey in Idol Heinze's $25,000 bounty

The Mangler and El Sastre are introduced and come to the ring without their manager VIP (banned from ringside by Commissioner Sheen last month). Timothy "American " Made and Max Cro are introduced, Made informs the crowd that he has recruited a good friend to watch their back in this match and introduces Mike "The Moose" Musso.

2) The Mangler & El Eastre w/ VIP beat Timothy "American" Made & Max Cro beat El Sastre

After the match, VIP enters the ring with a clipboard and demands that Commissioner Sheen honor his end of the deal and reinstate "The Reflection of Perfection" Mitchell Taylor. Sheen begrudgingly comes to the ring and signs the contract reinstating Taylor. VIP introduces Taylor. Taylor doesn't appear. VIP introduces him again and Taylor doesn't appear. He tells Sheen to call Taylor to give him the good news. Sheen calls Taylor to see where he is. El Sastre reaches into his pack and produces a phone and unmasks as Mitchell Taylor and answers it standing behind Commissioner Sheen.

VIP and Taylor also inform Sheen that the contract he signed also states that he cannot fire or suspend any of The Villianaires (Taylor, Mangler and VIP) and they also get a first round bye in the upcoming Tag Team Tournament. And also that Made and Cro are automatically eliminated from that tournament. Mangler attacks Sheen with VIP's golf club and sets him up in the corner for The Penalty Stroke which Taylor delivers.

3) "Poison" Appollo Starr beat The Gameboy

4) Painkillers (Jacob & Donatello Hallows) beat Matt Fitchett & Davey Vega

5) Mr. Old School beat Mike "The Moose" Musso

6) Jack Verville beat Gary Jay

7) Osyris & Hillbilly Jedd beat Evan Gelastico & Alex Rudolph

8) F.E.W. Championship: Dylan Bostic beat Champion Jake Omen by DQ.

Omen gave Bostic a blatant low blow to be disqualified.

Commissioner Corey Sheen announced that Bostic would get a rematch next month and this time it will be No Disqualification!


"FEW Years Revolution" 
1/23/11 Results

  Broadripple  Fort Wayne, IN

1) Ryan Epic beat Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin

2) The Mangler w/ VIP beat Timothy "American" Made

3) Max Cro beat El Sastre by DQ

Commissioner Corey Sheen comes out and says that next month Made & Cro would team up to face Sastre and the Mangler.  VIP says he will only agree to the match, if Mitchell Taylor is reinstated the minute Mangler/Sastre win the match.  Sheen agrees.

4) Jack Verville beat Adam Bueller

5) Bryan Castle & Mike Musso beat The SI & Mr. Main Event w/ Vinnie from Jersey

6) Keith Creme beat Julian Dorsett

7) Mr. Old School vs. "Poison" Appollo Starr - Double Countout

8) F.E.W. Champion Jake Omen beat Dylan Bostic


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