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"Breaking CurFEW" 
5/12/12 Results

  The FIGHT House Fort Wayne, IN

Preshow:  Dickie Bronson beat Mr. Main Event & Movado in a 3 way match.

"Breaking CurFEW". opened up with Bam Hanson coming to the ring & informing the crowd that his opponent for the night Ryan Epic wasn't there due to injury & issued an open challenge to the back.  None other than Adam Bueller answered the challenge. However, before the match could start F.E.W.'s commissioner Corey Sheen comes out to address the fans. He told the fans that he want to apologize to Osyris & the F.E.W. fans for his fast count at the last show where he was the special ref in the match between Osyris & Mitchel Taylor. Sheen explained he has a medical condition that caused it but was now on medication & would prove to the fans he can call it down the middle by reffing this match. All seemed well after the first couple of near falls, but the final pinfall saw Sheen fast count again & giving Bam Hanson the victory.

1) Bam Hanson beat Adam Bueller

2) KC Lofton (w/ Remi Wilkins & Trevor Court) beat Hailey Rose in a Vixen's Match

Sheen would claim that his medication had worn off & he would take some more & prove to everyone by reffing this next match as well. Sheen's counts now were on the slow side. Until once again a fast count ends the match giving KC the win over Hailey. Corey when leave the ring as KC, Trevor & Remi began to beat down Hailey.

3) Remi Wilkins beat Eli McFly 

4) Ernie Ballz beat Bobby Steele

At intermission, Ring Announcer Johnny Winters received a phone call from the new owner of FEW.  He announced that  Corey Sheen has been fired as commission due to hisactions earlier in the night. 

5) Joseph Schwartz beat Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin

Remi Wilkins and Trevor Court along with KC Lofton came out and said they are after the FEW Tag Team Championship.  They refer to themselves as the "Alpha Breed."

6) "The Dream" Trevor Court beat Justin Dillinger (1/2 of Tag Team Champions)

Mitchell Taylor announced that he has hired a new manager -  Corey Sheen, who is now now known as "Ripper Blackhart".

7) Osyris & "Poison" Appollo Starr beat Mitchell Taylor & Jack Thrillerw/ Ripper Blackhart by count out

After the match, Ring Announcer Johnny Winters has another announcement from the new owner.  He announced  the new commissioner - Victor Ignatius Prescott (VIP). VIP announced that at next show Taylor wouldn't be able to run anymore.  He will face Osyris in a Steele Cage match!

8) FEW Championship: Jack Verville (c) beat Austin Manix

After the match, Jimmy Shawlin jumped Verville and gave him a chokeslam just like last show.  Shalwin gets on the mic and says he owns Verville and wants his title back.  Just then Bam Hanson comes out with a referee.  Bam reminds everyone that in January he won the "Elite Eliminator" match which gives him the shot at the title whenever he we wants... which is right now.

9) FEW Championship: Bam Hanson beat Jack Verville (c) to win the title.


"Family FEWD" 
3/10/12 Results

  The FIGHT House Fort Wayne, IN

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was our special guest for the evening.

1) Joseph Schwartz beat Eli McFly & Austin Manix in a 3 way

2) Ryan Epic beat Wicked Natas

3) Bam Hanson beat Mark Vandy & El Grande Loco

4) Ernie Balls beat Marion Fontaine

5) Jack Thriller w/ Max Morrison beat Louis Lyndon

6) Remi Wilkins beat Badd Blood Barron

7) Mitchell Taylor beat Osyris

Jack Thriller came out a threw powder in Osyris' eyes to help Taylor get the win.

8) Tag Team Championship: Dusty & Justin Dillinger beat The Villainaires (Mr. Main Event & Jimmy Shalwin) (c) w/ VIP to win the titles

VIP accidentally hit Mr. Main Event with his golf club and cost his team the match.  Afterwards, Shalwin and Taylor jumped VIP and left him laying in the ring.  Mitchell Talyor announced earlier in the evening that the Villainaires had also cut the Mangler from the group.

9)  FEW Championship:  Jack Verville (c) beat Bobby Steele

After the match, Jimmy Shawlin jumped Verville and gave him a chokeslam.  This lead to chaos with the entire locker room brawling in the ring.


"FEW Year's Revolution" 
1/7/12 Results

  The FIGHT House Fort Wayne, IN

Mitchell Taylor opened the show by revealing the "dark secret" of FEW in that he is the owner and has been all the long.  He brings out Commissioner Corey Sheen.  He tells Sheen that his contract expired on 12/31/11, but he is going to keep Sheen around as a referee.   The winners of every match will advance into the "Elite Eliminator" match later in the evening.

1) Mike "The Moose" Musso beat Wicked Natas

2) Mitchell Taylor beat El Grande Loco

3) Bam Hanson beat Ryan Epic

4) Dusty Dillinger beat Tag Champions The Villainaires (Mr. Main Event & the Mangler) w/ VIP in a handicap  non-title match

Corey Sheen was the referee of this match.  After the match, Taylor comes out livid that his men lost and blamed it on Sheen.  When in fact it was Mr. Main Event and Mangler having disagreements (Mangler refused to use unfair tactics).  Taylor then FIRES Sheen.

5) Osyris beat Hollywood Court

6) Steele beat Badd Blood Barron

7) Jack Thriller beat Louis Lyndon

Corey Sheen comes back out and informs Mitchell Taylor that he just got word that FEW has been sold!  Turns out that Taylor's wife Robin has sold the company out from under him.  Sheen says the new owner has rehired him as Commissioner.  No word yet on who the new owner is.   Sheen tells Taylor he is going to have a lot of fun with Mitchell in 2012.  Starting with booking him in a match against Osyris next month!

8) Bam Hanson won the Elite Eliminator match

Hanson now has earned a shot at the FEW Championship anytime he choose in 2012.

9) FEW Championship:  Jack Verville (c) beat Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin


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